Hilma Bovenkerk

paintings, portraits & prints

Looking back

From a very young age I started drawing. Copying the cartoonistic portraits of political leaders in the newspaper. Here you see an old charchoal drawing I made at age 16 of my greatgrandfather, a school headmaster. 

my great grandfather in charchoal, 1978

Stimulated by my parents and the fact that I grew up a single child, I found my first hobby in drawing. Later on, (reggae) music took over, and hanging out with my friends of course. But, lacking much interest in education nor any profession, I op

ted, out of sheer curiosity, to enter art academy. And what a surprise it was, to hear that I passed the entry exams!

Nevertheless, it was not the warm art-brotherhood I was expecting it to be. In my fourth year I finally met a teacher who's approach to art gave me back my long lost inspiration. I got my first studio in Rotterdam in a former supermarket. There I became more interested in photography and took on jobs as a advertising painter. Mainly restaurant windows. As the digital age took over, our handywork didn't have much of a future so I turned toward administration jobs to sustain me and m

y family. I'd become the mother of two great kids and in those days I was happy to even be able to do some computer designs. It's only years later that I felt I wanted to pick up art professionally. I had also lived in Surinam for a while where I wrote a paper on the cultural influences on artistic development and expression. Back in Holland I graduated as a teacher of visual arts using the results of this study. In 2011 I decided to quit my administrative job to work as an artist in my own studio in Helmond. Soon after, people started asking me for art classes and I founded Artschool Helmond. 

Every day I thank God for my artistical and personal freedom. I give workshops in streetart, graffiti, group paintings megapainting and childrens' graffiti parties. Companies hire me to do murals and besides the painting classes I teach, I use my time and space to focus on my own artistic development. 


and looking ahead..

which might be even more important. I am looking forward to all new challenges, new projects and new people to portray. Let me know what, or who you'd like me to paint. Portraits, landscapes or abstracts, I will surely give it my very best shot! So let me hear from you!

Multi mediatic

The mediums I work with differ, depending on the subject; it could be acrylic paint, graffiti sprays, watercolour, wax, paper, cement, glue, collage, monoprint; there are no boundaries. So, for a portrait I just need the photo's you send me! 

Check out the galleries and if you like my work, feel free to call or mail to find out how I can help visualise your dreams.








and all combinations of the above