Hilma Bovenkerk

paintings, portraits & prints

Art with a presence

I love king size art on big walls.

I remember I once tried to 'construct' a 15 cm thick wall by pouring cement around frame I even welded together, just to use it as a "canvas" to paint on. The heavy, strong, evenness and presence of stone walls attract me. Like a house that makes you feel safe. Well, that wall didn't last very long. Of course it soon broke and the effect was gone. But now I am regularly seen on a ladder! So point me any piece of brick or concrete, even large wooden spaces and I'm on my way!

Description of the photos:

  • Ayers Rock, garden wall
  • group megapainting
  • graffiti in aluminium factory
  • graffiti in factory¬†"Teamwork"
  • me@work
  • Expresso clothing shop
  • childrens bedroom: "Astronauts"
  • Lotus in massage salon
  • climbing wall primary school
  • graffiti on lemonade bar
  • school project "Nicaragua"
  • name banner for Maya
  • childrens bedroom "Knights"