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"I'm in love with this!"

It makes my day if I get such a reaction! What more could I want when I finally feel confident enough to deliver a finished painting?

Since time, people have had portraits made, of themselves or of that special person in their life. Who is your dearest and best? That person you want to keep close to your heart, that colleague you really appreciate. I can't wait to help you honour them with a vibrant portrait, painted in a style that brings out their beautiful personality and character.

Children grow so fast you wish you could enjoy those past years over again, any time. We have photos, but nothing stays as fresh in the mind as a real painting.


acrylic portrait children

There are a lot of styles I can work in. Here, I have incorporated the colors and style the parents requested. This double portrait is painted on a relief of gel, in acrylic on board, 80 x 110 cm, 2021.

In a Different Style..
Modern or traditional, abstract, colorful or more serene. The likeness being the first prerequisite, also the person's presence must be felt, and for that, we'll have to look further then 'skindeep'. Tell me what material, what style you like and together we work towards the best end result.


portret, portrait, painting, portraitpainting, kunstportret, acrylverf, graffitikunst

Jemimah, my daughter, acrylic and spraycan on board, 70x90 cm

My girl is a makeup artist and makeup is her life. You can imagine, as her mother I'm always in awe of her beauty but also of her vibrant energy. Besides that, she has a heart of gold, so in conclusion, she deserved a portrait!


The world around us..
Sometimes life around me moves me to make a painting. In 2016, the refugee crisis shocked all of us, and I felt I had to 'do' something. The face of this child tells it all, and called for a more impressionistic, more painterly style.



In the train on my way to an exhibition. That photo in the newspaper of this refugee I just had to paint.

A material story
The materials used sometimes tell a story by themselves. Once I was working on a commission for promoting the recycling of paper from sewage water. Yes it still smelled, but it had been cleansed and dryed. I had to make a painting with this pulp, stacked up in bags in my studio. At the same time, already having this portrait in mind I thought: How appropriate... people are drowning in the sea, even children, we dump people just like the waste material in our society! So I used it that sewage pulp, as you can see, in the blanket around his head. The life around us can be sad sometimes. Painting is a way of expressing what moves me. So not only the use of color, but the feel of textures and reliefs can support that same expression.

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graffiti portrait

Here's a next one I made when my uncle celebrated his 90th birthday. Having first served in the Dutch marines, he later turned a business man and he always was my hero. I wanted to bring a little personal present with me, out of my deepest respect for this warm character, who always had a joke up his sleeve. He passed a year later. May he rest in peace. But, his son now enjoys this portrait with his wife and children.


I've always felt compelled to do a drawing of people who make a strong impression on me. Above you see a former member of my painting class. He had that look, when he would be listening but afterwards surprise us with his very unique opinions about art.. Lovely. It takes me further than just realism, tapping into my memory of a person.

TIP: Drawings are always very nicely priced!

Children's portraits
Children never cease to bring me  joy, so why not put that liveliness to the spotlight?

This girl had no problems with that!

aclylic and graffiti, paper on board, 70x90 cm

Water colors (aquarel)
Acrylic paint
Graffiti art
Oil paint
Mixed media
sketches and drawings

After you have chosen the size and the materials you can expect the following during the process:

- photo updates of the work

- intermediate finetuning  according to your input

- all works are delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity

- we can frame the work for you, there are numerous prices and options.

- an optional hanging system

- If you so wish, an unveiling party can be arranged

- To avoid unpleasant surprises, you receive frequent reports so you can always react to the process.

- After we have come to an agreement 50% needs to be payed before in advance.



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