Hilma Bovenkerk

portraits & paintings

"It looks so real"

is only part of the deal

Since time, people have portrayed themselves and those dear to them. Who is, or who are, your dearest and best?

That person you keep close to your heart, that colleague you appreciate.. I'd love to help you honour them with a vibrant portrait, painted just the way you want it!

What style do you like?
Modern or traditional, abstract, colorful or more serene. The likeness being the first prerequisite, also the person's presence must be felt, and for that, we'll have to look further then 'skindeep'. Tell me what material, what style you like and together we work towards the best end result.

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My daughter, acrylic and graffiti on board, 70x90 cm

Here you see a portrait of Jemimah, my daughter. She is a makeup artist and makeup is her life. You can imagine, as her mother I'm always in awe of her beauty but also of her vibrant energy. Besides that, she has a heart of gold, so in conclusion, she deserves a portrait!

No cure, no pay
Sounds kinda wrong, but it's kinda true. To avoid unpleasant surprises, you receive frequent reports so you can react to the process yourself.. I want to see 100% satisfied faces about my work, or else, well, I'll go back to my easel, or you decide to go elsewhere. That is just fair and square. Openness, honesty from both sides works best all the time.

Here's a next one I made when my uncle celebrated his 90th birthday. Having first served in the Dutch marines, he later turned a business man and he always was my hero. I wanted to bring a little personal present with me, out of my deepest respect for this warm character, who always had a joke up his sleeve. He died a year later. May he rest in peace. But, his son now enjoys this portrait with his family, and that makes still makes me happy inside.

Uncle Harry, acrylic and graffiti on board, 40x40 cm

Of course, this is was a fast way of working using cutouts and graffiti sprays. But there are a lot of styles I can work with. This impressionistic, more painterly style for instance:


A child, a boat refugee, painted in 2016. At the time, seeing the sad events of the day, one newspaper photo stuck in my mind. It was the photo of this young kid. It could have been mine, or yours. Well, the numb look in his eyes speaks a thousand words I guess.

A material story
Used materials tell a story of themselves sometimes. At the time I was working on a commission concerning recycled paper out of sewerage water. Yes it smelled still, but it had been cleansed and dryed. Now I had to make a work with this pulp, stacked up in bags in my studio. How appropriate, I thought.. People drowning in the sea, even children are now dumped just like waste material in our society! So I used it as you can see, in the blanket around his head. Life is all around us, sad or sunny. My painting is just another way of expressing what really touches me. So not only color, but textures and reliefs can support what is being portrayed.

The best moments in life just slip through our fingers. Children grow so fast you wish you could enjoy those past years over again, any time. Sure, we have photos, but nothing stays fresh in the mind like a painting.

Therefore, as a painter, I want to capture more then just one single moment. On my palet the unlimited expression is always waiting. Expression of warmth, energy, liveliness, take me further than just realism, tapping into my fantasy, then applying that concious stroke, rythmic form, atmospheric light, speicial composition. All to zoom in and honour that special person you love and cherish.

aclylic and graffiti, paper on board, 70x90 cm

Techniques: (examles on request)
Water colors
Acrylic paint
Graffiti art
Oil paint
Mixed media and
divers drawing materials

For info, requests and prices in every range you can reach me at:

+31 6 3456 24 63
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